KAANDAVIS is a privately held limited liability company established in 2010 to provide valuation, advisory and research services in Real Estate industry.

In addition to services provided to major players in Real Estate industry KAANDAVIS also offers corporate solutions for non-real estate business related companies to overcome both operational and project based needs.

Our team of experts consists of professionals in civil engineering, quantity surveying, project management, contract administration, claims management, real estate development, asset management, financial engineering, market research, machinery-equipment valuation and industry analysis.

Managing Director

Solution Partners

Forming a partnership with KAANDAVIS opens up new avenues to success. Becoming a solution partner is as easy as sending us an email with your full company profile and areas you would like to cooperate.

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Our Services

  • Research

    Our aim is to be in all areas of market research, financial modelling and forecasting are deeply relevant and integrated to client objectives in terms of local market conditions, competitors, trends and property stock.
  • Valuation

    Consistency and reliability are two of the most important aspects of preparation and management of valuation reports. KAANDAVIS delivers realiable and consistent real estate valuation solutions to clients.

  • Financial Analysis

    Financial and property advice for commercial or strategic purposes.

  • Corporate Consulting

    Holdings and corporations can act as investor, tenant or landlord. They are usually take place at the very beginning of the project development process in commercial markets.They prefer to access large scaled portfolios and projects with different purposes like improving or transforming of an old industrial property, liquidation of a land under right conditions which have been possessed in advance and to take into previously finance collaterals’ possession.

    They can involve project development activities both with third-party developers and related structures that they organized. Risk management, investment performance and portfolio management aspects are the most critical issues for these organisations.

  • Development

    Our solutions include failsafe activities to prevent internal errors which mostly caused by developers’ choices that not to consider external professional advice from initial pre-development phase to go/no go phase of any project develoment activities.
  • Investment

    Investors evaluate the real estate market to build long-term wealth. Total real estate returns combine housing price appreciation alongside rental income. Real estate investors tailor strategies according to their respective objectives and the risk-return trade-off. Successful real estate investment requires to maintain strong money-management skills in conjunction with local knowledge to turn profits.
  • Urban Renewal

    Micro and Macro analysis of urban renewal projects, advice for developers, investors and public institutions.
  • Risk Management

    Analysis and management of developement and investment realeted risks as well as operational risks involving real property.