Research Related Services

Our aim is to be in all areas of market research, financial modelling and forecasting are deeply relevant and integrated to client objectives in terms of local market conditions, competitors, trends and property stock.

  • Market Overview

    Real estate market overview is the detailed framework of general view of the real estate market including developer and investor decisions, design and architecture trends, real estate related legal legislation and expected tenant and occupants financial behaviours.
  • Demand Analysis

    Demand analysis is market study of estimated sales and revenue generated by a good or service to determine the reasons for its success or failure using relative indicators like employment statistics, rivalry information, consumer demographics, household income and housing tenure.
  • Supply Analysis

    Supply analysis is a detailed market overview real estate supply of the market with segmentation principle in terms of residential, commercial and industrial real estates. Real estate supply analysis also reviews surveying of existing office, industrial and retail units, extensive fieldwork and historic trend analysis.
  • Market Area Analyis

    Market area analysis is a business plan study for an investor or developer regarding a proposed project to analyse targeted physical and demographical areas.
  • Marketabilty Analysis

    Marketability analysis is detailed assessment of market power of a real estate’s itself. Marketability analysis contains an extensive fieldwork, data mining activities and preparation of marketing efforts that is necessary to evaluate future marketability performance of an existing property.
  • Absorption Analysis

    Absorbtion analysis studies the number of residential properties that will be leased or sold for a particular time frequency, estimated selling time of a building and / or full leased.
  • Competitive Analysis

    Competitive analysis is evalution of the difference between a property’s financial performance and its equivalents in the same market condition.