Investment Related Services

Investors evaluate the real estate market to build long-term wealth. Total real estate returns combine housing price appreciation alongside rental income. Real estate investors tailor strategies according to their respective objectives and the risk-return trade-off. Successful real estate investment requires to maintain strong money-management skills in conjunction with local knowledge to turn profits.

  • Market Overview

    Real estate market overview is the detailed framework of general view of the real estate market including developer and investor decisions, design and architecture trends, real estate related legal legislation and expected tenant and occupants financial behaviours.
  • Site Selection

    Site selection is a fieldwork based real estate study which is consisted of land or property search for project development and investment decision purposes.
  • Market Penatration

    Market penetration is a strategy analysis which is focused on increasing market power and providing any project to a sustainable place in terms of market positioning and profitability to its investors.
  • Project Review

    Project review is full scale of analysis of a real estate project from initial land evaluation to end user price range determination.
  • Concept Review

    Concept review is re-evaluation of a real estate project in terms of projected value, market positioning on the viewpoint of the client.
  • Cost Estimation

    Cost estimation studies are detailed financial forecasting reports which real estate projects’ investment, development and improvement based approximate costs estimated in an interval.
  • Competitor Monitoring

    Competitor monitoring solutions provide client to monitoring both minor and major competitor activities like M&A, invesment announcements, new projects and competitor trends.
  • H&B Use Study

    Highest and best use study is a real estate appraisal which illustrates best possible way of property can produce highest value and marginal utility to its potential users in the aspects of physically possible, appropriately usage and financially feasible.
  • Feasibility Study

    A real estate feasibility study is an analysis of a single property or a real estate project which instruct investors to cash flow projections with a rational system of analysis and data inputs. Feasibility study is detailed demonstration of a real estate project is viable or not in terms of market dynamics, cost estimations, regulations, enviromental situation and of course financial feasbility of the project.
  • Investment Grade Properties

    Investment grade properties is a real estate solution which provides suitable real estate alternatives to potential investors with any preferred segment, payback period, lease income and appreciation.
  • Investment Performance Review

    Investment performance review solutions protect investors against wrong benchmarks, value fluctuations and additional costs associated with it on a regular basis. As a financial evaluation, investment performance review offers clients tı market compensations, recommendations on portfolio assets and future financial decisions.
  • Portfolio Valution

    Portfolio valuation is a multiple real estate valuation process which covers an entire portfolio rather than a single asset or real estate project.
  • Valuation of On-going Projects

    On-going project valuations are much more forecasting workouts than financial assessments like standard project valuation operations. Ongoing project valuation solutions offer finishing cost, timing and end user value projections to its clients.
  • Expended Investment Analysis

    Expanded investment analysis is an in depth examination of investment analysis which includes additional financial and improvement recommendations, market condition and enviromental variable information.
  • Investment Portfolio Management

    Investment portfolio management is an asset management solution of real estate assets to observe current portfolio position and cover associated investment goals on behalf of investor.
  • Portfolio Optimization

    Real estate portfolio optimization is a financial solution process for resetting the property weight of a real estate portfolio to minimize both portfolio assets based specific risks and systematic (market) risk.