Risk Management Related Services

Analysis and management of developement and investment realeted risks as well as operational risks involving real property.

  • Insurance Appraisal & Risk Analysis

    This dicipline includes valuation and serve as mtually agreed basis of any building, equipment, machinery or related assets are subject to be insured.

    If required, it also includes enviromental and asset related risk analysis for the purpose of insurance issues.

  • Insurance Loss & Claim Management

    This service comprehends technical assistance to insured party in order to development of claim procedures. It focuses on requisition development for loss and be ensure adequacy of the requisition to cover all insurance related losses in terms of claim identification and itemisation.
  • Collateral Risk Management

    Evaluation of eal estates or real property rights taken as collateral by companies operate with dealer networks or similar business models. Detailed analysis on cash flow and timing scenarios with also default risk realization situations with market risk, real estate related risk reckoning.

    Our collateral risk management services also implies controlling of mortgage portfolio on a regular basis and alerting clients for any kind of changes. This scope can be broaden into legal matters if required and applicable.

  • Development / Investment Risk Analysis

    Financial analysis which express market risk and project risk analysis for projects financed via credits or investor participation. Also, it is feasible to regulary monitoring of case related risk if required.

    Best/worst case scenario applications and regular risk observation for insurance companies to control risks borne by legal obligation of to insure all real estate projects.