Corporate Consulting Related Services

Holdings and corporations can act as investor, tenant or landlord. They are usually take place at the very beginning of the project development process in commercial markets.They prefer to access large scaled portfolios and projects with different purposes like improving or transforming of an old industrial property, liquidation of a land under right conditions which have been possessed in advance and to take into previously finance collaterals’ possession.

They can involve project development activities both with third-party developers and related structures that they organized. Risk management, investment performance and portfolio management aspects are the most critical issues for these organisations.

  • Market Overview

    Real estate market overview is the detailed framework of general view of the real estate market including developer and investor decisions, design and architecture trends, real estate related legal legislation and expected tenant and occupants financial behaviours.
  • Lease Advisory

    Evaluation of current lease contracts; delivery conditions, costs, services rendered and other contract terms. Reconciliation on a new contract and mediatorship services. Renewal, reconfiguration and renegotiation of a current contract. Medium and long term based cost analyis. Handing over the property to the landlord according to contract termination procedures.
  • Due Diligence

    Real estate due diligince is a full scale investigation which examines a property’s real deed, cadastral, zoning and project registrations and technical features counter to declared qualifications by seller and lessors.
  • H&B Use Study

    Highest and best use study is a real estate appraisal which illustrates best possible way of property can produce highest value and marginal utility to its potential users in the aspects of physically possible, appropriately usage and financially feasible.
  • Feasibility Study

    A real estate feasibility study is an analysis of a single property or a real estate project which instruct investors to cash flow projections with a rational system of analysis and data inputs. Feasibility study is detailed demonstration of a real estate project is viable or not in terms of market dynamics, cost estimations, regulations, enviromental situation and of course financial feasbility of the project.
  • Sale & Leaseback

    Sale & leaseback is a real estate financing method where a landlord sells and asset and leases it back as tenant for a long term period. It provides financial liquidity and additional corporate tax advantages to seller and stable lease income for a long term period and depreciation based initial investment cost recovery advantages to investors.
  • Collateral Risk Analysis

    Collateral risk analysis is detailed systematic and specific risk assessment of a real estate in terms of structural, enviromental, legal, financial risk which a property can be exposed any time.
  • Investment Grade Properties

    Investment grade properties is a real estate solution which provides suitable real estate alternatives to potential investors with any preferred segment, payback period, lease income and appreciation.
  • Investment Performance Review

    Investment performance review solutions protect investors against wrong benchmarks, value fluctuations and additional costs associated with it on a regular basis. As a financial evaluation, investment performance review offers clients tı market compensations, recommendations on portfolio assets and future financial decisions.
  • Portfolio Optimization

    Real estate portfolio optimization is a financial solution process for resetting the property weight of a real estate portfolio to minimize both portfolio assets based specific risks and systematic (market) risk.
  • Investment Portfolio Management

    Investment portfolio management is an asset management solution of real estate assets to observe current portfolio position and cover associated investment goals on behalf of investor.