Valuation Related Services

Consistency and reliability are two of the most important aspects of preparation and management of valuation reports. KAANDAVIS delivers realiable and consistent real estate valuation solutions to clients.

  • Valuation Process Management

    Provision and coordination of valuation reports required for the companies’ activities.In particular, preparation of valuation reports for the financial statements and properties that are to be taken as collaterals. Maintains an efficient communication and understanding between the finance department and the appraisal company.
  • Portfolio Valuation / Evaluation

    Portfolio valuation is a multiple real estate valuation process which covers an entire portfolio rather than a single asset or real estate project.
  • Valuation Activities for Special Properties

    Valuation of industrial plants, storage buildings, ports, power plants, yielding hotels, hospitals, offices, logistics warehouses and similar type and scale properties excluding basic residential and commercial.
  • Preparation of Valuation Reports for Financial / Accounting Purposes

    Valuation of properties for the preparation of companies’ financial statements and other financial reports.
  • Valuation of Assets Located Abroad

    Preparation of valuation reports for the properties located outside of Turkey in accordance with international valuation standards.
  • Machinery & Equipment Valuation

    Valuation of machinery and equipment, privately owned or to be taken as collateral. Covers a wide range of machinery and equipment from construction machines up to servers in data centers.