Financial Analysis Related Services

Financial and property advice for commercial or strategic purposes.

  • H&B Use Study

    Highest and best use study is a real estate appraisal which illustrates best possible way of property can produce highest value and marginal utility to its potential users in the aspects of physically possible, appropriately usage and financially feasible.
  • Feasibility Study

    A real estate feasibility study is an analysis of a single property or a real estate project which instruct investors to cash flow projections with a rational system of analysis and data inputs. Feasibility study is detailed demonstration of a real estate project is viable or not in terms of market dynamics, cost estimations, regulations, enviromental situation and of course financial feasbility of the project.
  • Financial Modeling

    Constructing a model of relevant financial parameters with respect to stakeholders in project development and investment, specifically large scale projects such as urban renewal.
  • Investment Performance Review

    Investment performance review solutions protect investors against wrong benchmarks, value fluctuations and additional costs associated with it on a regular basis. As a financial evaluation, investment performance review offers clients tı market compensations, recommendations on portfolio assets and future financial decisions.
  • Expanded Investment Analysis

    Expanded investment analysis is an in depth examination of investment analysis which includes additional financial and improvement recommendations, market condition and enviromental variable information.