Urban Renewal Related Services

Micro and Macro analysis of urban renewal projects, advice for developers, investors and public institutions.

  • Value Bands and Pre-Feasibility

    In the initial phase of urban renewal/transformation project, in order to have a general idea of the zones identified as risky, value, area, quantity and similar parameters are analysed to provide a pre-feasibility study project.
  • Participation Value and Ownership Analysis

    Determining the value and ownership status of the properties within the zones identified as risky, and analysing the results to set a base for the renewal model.
  • H&B Use Study

    Highest and best use study is a real estate appraisal which illustrates best possible way of property can produce highest value and marginal utility to its potential users in the aspects of physically possible, appropriately usage and financially feasible.
  • Feasibility Study

    A real estate feasibility study is an analysis of a single property or a real estate project which instruct investors to cash flow projections with a rational system of analysis and data inputs. Feasibility study is detailed demonstration of a real estate project is viable or not in terms of market dynamics, cost estimations, regulations, enviromental situation and of course financial feasbility of the project.
  • Renewal / Distribution Models

    Constructing a model for the properties located within the risky zones to transform them into a new project, taking into consideration of the initial value of the properties and the value of the new project.
  • Project Valuation

    Valuation of all functions in the project by units. Unlike the valuation of stand-alone  property, each of the individual elements within the project is carried out by analyzing the relationship in detail.
  • Distribution Value Analysis

    Determination of the value that each owner is qualified to receive as per their initial participation value and the Renewal/Distrubution model.
  • Distribution Proposal Lists

    Detailed proposal for each owner, providing the exact address of the property in the project.